Coverage Realty wants you to ponder this question …

Coverage Realty wants you to ponder this question …”Why do I as a seller have to pay the buyers agent commission?” I have started to ask this question to other real estate agents and the only answer that I was able to get was “Because”. Another unacceptable answer.

Imagine this …You were injured in a slip and fall accident that was complete negligence by who is to become the defendant. You meet with an attorney that you like (a real rarity) and want to hire to represent you in the matter after the consultation. You ask the attorney what is your fee? He or she responds “$15,000”. You about fall over!! Before you can get a word out …the attorney says to you “Well I have to give half of my fee that I charge to represent you to the defence attorney to cover the fee to represent the defendant.”. Would you ever agree to a payment structure similar to the one just described? Of course not!!

Sadly the above described scenario is exactly what has been happening and continues to happen in the real estate industry. I will ask again “Why do you as the seller have to pay the buyer’s agent fee?”. If you are selling your home and want to pay a fair commission then we need to talk. Coverage Realty will save you thousands of dollars with our Flat Fee system.

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