It’s your money, keep it!

Coverage Realty is Michigan’s most innovative real estate firm! We live by our slogan: “It’s your money, keep it!” This belief is a major factor in the way we structure our innovative flat fee commission structure that is designed to save our clients thousands of dollars!

Do you need to pay the outrageous commissions real estate firms charge when you sell your home? Before I was in the real estate business, I had a small building business and was approached by many agents trying to earn my business (which I have the utmost respect for). I always thought to myself, “I am taking all the risk, and here is some agent who wants to take no risk, list my property, and expects to get 6%.” That money was coming right off the bottom line (this is why Coverage Realty was started), and never sat well with me. The same holds true with homeowners selling their home. The agents stroll in there and want to extract up to 6% (or in some cases, more) of the homeowners hard-earned equity (again, this is why Coverage Realty was started). Is that a reasonable fee? At Coverage Realty, we think not. We firmly believe, “It’s your money, keep it!”

Here are two simple questions to ask:

1. Why do you charge the percentage you charge?

2. What do you do differently to sell a home that is $100,000 less?

I can assure you that the answers you’ll receive will be comical. The real answers to the questions are:

1. Because that is the most that the general public is begrudgingly willing to pay

2. Nothing

So why do they charge more for the same work? No agent will tell you the truth. They will give you stock canned answers that make no sense at all. The great news is that you now have an alternative−Coverage Realty! Our full service agency has devised a flat fee marketing system designed to keep your hard earned equity in your pocket−where it belongs! If you are thinking of selling and don’t want to pay outrageous commissions, give us a call and see how much our $3500 flat fee program can save you.

Remember− “It’s your money, keep it!”

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