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Are you tired of the daily hassle accustomed to living in one of Michigan’s main cities, and desperately in search of greener pastures in a scenic and more reserved environment? We can make your wishes come true. Coverage realty is known for providing professional, all-encompassing real estate services in the artful and attractive area of Chesterfield Michigan. In recent times more people have been moving from various cities into chesterfield, all in the bid to own a house in a more relaxed and naturally endowed area. Homes where every morning you wake up and look through the amazing vistas, each day seems more beautiful than the previous one. Whether you are a young couple looking to own a place for weekend getaways or an old retiree wanting to move here with your family, we welcome you to come and have a taste of Chesterfield’s lifestyle. We have the best real estate agents available to patiently tend to your needs, and help you secure the perfect home!

Getting updated on the daily changes that occur in the Chesterfield real estate market is the key to being topnotch. This is why At Coverage Realty; we do not take for granted any opportunity to get our hands on current information or follow-up on real estate trends. We believe the maximum satisfaction of our clients is our topmost priority, so whether you are looking to acquire new property in Chesterfield Michigan or you are putting one up for sale, coverage realty offers you the best services available. We are confident to say that our reputation precedes us.


Through experience, we have discovered that buying a home is seen as more of a long-term investment to most people than a mere collection of beautiful properties. This is why it is essential to know how to recognize properties with an excellent value in the Chesterfield Real Estate market, to avoid making detrimental investment choices. We have a team of approachable experts that are mainly responsible for carefully guiding and stirring our buyers in the right direction throughout the purchasing process. Our buyers always feel safe and relaxed, knowing we are always there to ease their stress.


Some specific questions must be tackled to succeed in selling a house profitably. Questions like, “When is the right time to list my home for sale?” or “What is the right value to sell”? getting the answers to these questions is the first step in ensuring that you make a good sale. Coverage Realty can help you to avoid languishing and make good money by ideally placing your property at the best price. However, when the calls start rolling in from prospective buyers, you may be too busy to pick up the phone, which is why we also consider getting you an agent who is capable of proactively marketing your property to ensure a deal is secured as soon as possible. If you need our help in knowing the market value of your home, call us today at 5862311349.

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