Cheap Real Estate Shelby Charter Township Michigan

Cheap Real Estate Shelby Charter Township Michigan

Cheap Real Estate Agent in Shelby Charter Township Michigan

As a seller, it is advisable to get yourself acquainted with what it takes to sell a house profitably. It is only by acquiring this knowledge that you will understand why the typical 6% real estate agent who often refer to themselves as “Full-Service real estate agents” are in no way as advantageous as they claim to be.

Coverage realty will provide you far better services with a reduced cost, than what a 6% real estate agent can ever offer. If you stick these traditional brokers and their 6% commission, there are two disadvantages involved:

In your bid to make up for the commission you are about to pay, you may result in increasing the price of your house above the estimated market value. However, this decision can drive prospective buyers away, and your house may end up languishing if it remains unsold for longer than expected.

Listing with us, on the other hand, will enable you to avoid paying any commission to both your agent and the buyer’s agent, by directly connecting with the buyer.

A 6% real estate agent will always place his or her interest before yours. What do I mean by this? Take, for instance, a buyer sees your property probably while taking a walk or just browsing through various websites, and gets attracted to it. Then he picks up his phone and calls the office of your real estate agent to inquire about the house. Whoever picks the call is concerned with making a commission regardless of whether the buyer is more interested in your property or not. The aim is now to turn the buyer into a client, rather than leading them directly to your property. At first, the agent may answer a few questions concerning your property, and then in order not to keep the buyer’s attention move on to questions like, “How long are you willing to wait to find something?”, “What is your price range”? “would you also like to sell a property?”; etc.

This is why it takes some people forever to sell their homes by listing with a 6% real estate agent. However, when you list with us you will begin to get offers immediately. To see how true these analogies are, we recommend you try calling the phone number on your agent’s real estate sign pretending to be a prospective buyer and see things for yourself.

6% real estate agents are worried the sellers are more educated today

The fact that people are gaining a better understanding of the process of selling their home every day is a huge problem 6% real estate agents are currently battling. Seeing that they can’t give the kind of comfort and satisfaction that we offer, they look for various alternatives to convince sellers to employ their services.

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