Flat Fee Broker Shelby Twp Michigan

Flat Fee Broker Shelby Twp Michigan

Flat Fee Broker in Shelby Twp Michigan

At Coverage Realty, we ensure that selling your house is less costly than it has to. We offer you a flat fee MLS listing, which directly exposes your home to buyers in every part of the country.

Getting a flat fee listing with Coverage Realty is an avenue to save more money. you don’t have to pay a listing commission fee of about 4 to 7% of the house sales required by most local brokers. Our flat fee listing is ridiculously affordable.

Records show that we have one of the highest numbers of listed and sold properties. We do not operate a referral system; however, we have the license to operate in every market we do business. Also, we provide many optional upgrades such as REALTOR.com enhancements and lockboxes.

What is a flat-fee Listing Company?

Most real estate brokers demand a certain percentage of the selling price of your property before signing an “à la carte service agreement” with you. A Flat-fee MLS is a more preferred option.

A Flat-fee MLS is a process of listing the property for sale in the local multiple listing service (MLS) à la carte without making it compulsory for the seller to use all the services.
A flat-fee listing will guarantee your property is exposed on the MLS and completely remove the need to pay a commission by directly dealing with the “buyer’s agents.” coupled with the fact that the buyer’s broker is also being given a percentage, using the flat-fee listing will not only grant the seller freedom, but will ensure they end up saving up to half of the traditional commission. Don’t forget that the buyer’s broker can also be offered a flat-fee.

The moment your building gets listed in the local MLS system, that data automatically appears on other Realty websites such as Realtor.com®, Zillow.com, trulia.com, etc. we have no control over how the information gets displayed on other websites. These Real Estate websites make money by selling zip codes to local Agent Buyer Realtors in your zone. The MLS guidelines do not allow the posting of private information of the seller. For instance, if a Buyer wants your property, the first thing is to contact their Realtor®, who will then use their password to access your private contact information in the MLS. We aim to help bring qualified Buyers your way through our Realtors®. Ensure you update your listing where necessary by going to claim it on the Trulia, Zillow or Realtor websites.

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